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A personal appearance at the Embassy is required for fingerprinting and authentication of documents - the appropriate forms will be issued to you upon your arrival

Passport Office hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 12pm (closed on US and Zimbabwe holidays) - no appointment necessary

NOTE: There will be no Consular services at the Embassy in Washington, DC on Monday, February 15, 2010 (Presidents' Day) - updated 14/01/10

NOTE: For information on a POSSIBLE Consular trip (passport processing) to Columbus, Ohio in March 2010, please call (202) 332-7100 ext. 3032 - updated 26/01/10

These original documents, plus clear photocopies, must be produced when applying for a passport:

1.                   Long Birth Certificate

2.                   National Identity Card (or green paper NID with attached photo and printed NID number) – order of names should be as they appear on the NID and Birth Certificate; spellings have to be consistent throughout; if names are not in the order as they appear on the NID and Birth Certificate, applicant has to regularize by either changing the order of names on the NID and Birth Certificate (NID cards are only issued in Zimbabwe) - note: NID is required for all applicants 16 yrs and older

3.                   Two (2) passport colour photos (size 3,5 x 4,5 cm) – photo requirements: white background, appearance – black/dark grey/navy blue shirt/top/dress (no spaghetti straps), no eyeglasses, no jewelry, natural hair tied back, face front with both ears visible

4.                   Marriage Certificate/National Identity Card in married name/Divorce Order/Spouse’s Death Certificate, if applicable

5.                   Adoption Order, if applicable

6.                   Old passport or Emergency Travel Document, if any:

a.      Old-type passport (big) – copies of pages 1-5 (for minor listed in mother's passport, include page 6)

                  b.      New-type passport (small) copy of inside back cover

7.                   Citizenship Certificate dated August 2001 or later  – applicants who were born outside Zimbabwe or whose one or both parent(s) was/were born outside Zimbabwe must renounce the other citizenship by having that country’s Embassy in Harare issue a Renunciation Certificate, which should be taken to the Citizenship Office in Harare in person

      8.                   Proof of legal USA status (valid Permanent Resident card,

                  Employment Authorization card or F-1 Visa/I-20 form)  

9.                   Police report (for lost passport) – include passport number if available

10.               FEES: (payable in cash)

US$45 for form and authentication – to be paid at the Embassy in exact cash, plus passport processing fees – to be paid in Zimbabwe in cash:

a.      Standard processing (6-12 months) - US$140

b.      Urgent processing (2 days) - US$250

c.      Express processing (1 day) - US$315

d.      Lost passport penalty – additional US$400

e.      Failure to declare lost or previous passport – additional US$300

f.       Defaced passport – additional US$300

11.               If a child under 18 yrs is applying for a passport, Section 5 of the form must be completed by the father - the mother can only sign Section 5 if the child is using her maiden name - a legal guardian can also sign Section 5 if he/she can produce documentary proof of guardianship - a clear copy of the National ID or valid passport of the father/mother/legal guardian is required

            NOTE: After the passport forms and required documents have been processed at the Embassy, they will be returned to the applicant. The applicant must forward them to a relative in Zimbabwe, who will then submit them to the Passport Office in Zimbabwe in person. The relative must bear the applicant's last name. With the forms, also send the expired passport, an authorization letter, and the top up fee (depending on the processing time of choice).


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