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Passport Renewals

Renewal of Passport Requirements


1.             (a)           All applications to be submitted and collected in person

(b)           P1 and P34 Forms

(c)           Current passport

(d)           Emergency Travel document, where applicable.


2.             (a)           Original documents, plus two photocopies of the last page and visa page of the new Machine readable passports; and first five pages plus visa page of the old Zimbabwean passport.

(b)           E.T.D. photocopy, where applicable.


3.             (a)           Original (long birth certificate) to be produced by all applicants, save those on Adoption Order.

(b)           Zimbabwe National Identify Card (plastic, metal or green paper card). ID without a picture not acceptable, and where details are faint, the Mission will ascertain.

(c)           The order of names should be as they appear on the Identity Card, Birth Certificate and/or marriage certificate. Spellings have to be consistent throughout.


N.B.        If the names are not in the order as they appear on the Birth Certificate, Identity Card, the applicant has to regularise by either changing the order of names on the Birth Certificate or Identity Card.

Identity Cards are only issued in Zimbabwe.


(d)   Two identical colour photographs (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm), background to be white. No instant photos or with shadows.  Applicant to wear a dark top/shirt/dress.

(e)           No artificial hair, braids and hair additions.

(f)            Citizenship Certificate (for citizens by registration).


4.             Section 3 of the P1 must bear details of a next of kin who resides in Zimbabwe.


5.             Applicant’s signature on page 2 and 3 must be in BOLD BLACK INK by Cruiser Pen (only available at the Mission).


6.             Fingerprints are taken by Mission Staff and the prints should not touch any lines on spaces provided (fingerprint boxes P1, Page 4).


7.             Collection of New Passport:

All new passports should be collected in person and the Mission will only release the new Passport upon production of original receipt, old passport/ETD.




New passport - ordinary US$ 195.00

Replacement of lost Passport US$ 245.00

Failure to declare lost Passport US$ 345.00

Endorsement of old Passport US$ 40.00

Emergency Travel Document (ETD) US$ 40.00

Authentication of Documents/Declaration US$ 250.00

Birth and Death Certificate US$ 35.00

Certificate of non-marriage US$ 100.00

Marriage Certificate US$ 50.00


N.B.        (a)           The fees are from time to time subject to review by the Registrar General’s Office

And any such changes shall be posted on the Mission’s website.

(b)           All Zimbabwean passport holders should report to the local police any loss of passports and obtain a police report, which should be communicated to the Mission. Upon application for replacement of a lost passport, the original police report should be produced, together with the other relevant documents. Failure to declare a lost passport at the time of the loss will result in a penalty fee of US$250.00, which will be payable in addition to the application fee of US$205.00.


9.             For issues that fall beyond the Mission’s mandate on passports, citizenship (restoration, Renunciation, reinstatement), all concerned persons should enquire with the Registrar General’s Office, attention Mrs Chigumba on 011 263 4 702 295


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